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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

[Netherland] International MBA Scholarships


The Nyenrode International MBA program (IMBA) has been committed to preparing students for the future for 25 years, and many companies support our dedication. We are pleased to announce that additional contributions have enabled us to provide increased financial support to smart, driven, and committed students through our scholarship opportunities.

As of May 1, 2007, extra merit-based funding has been made available to candidates accepted to the 2007/2008 program starting in October 2007, as outlined below. In addition to financial support, the winners will be assigned an experienced manager as a personal coach for the duration of their MBA studies.

Due to these changes to the scholarship program, the scholarship application deadline has been extended to July 1, 2007.

Please read the procedure before you apply to a scholarship. Note that different scholarships have different specific conditions. Please also note that Nyenrode and ABN AMRO Bank have signed an exclusive loan agreement to provide financial support to international students accepted into the Nyenrode IMBA program. More information is available at

The following scholarships are available:

Full-tuition scholarships

(5) Full-tuition Entrepreneurial Manager scholarships available for students of any nationality.

(7) Full-tuition scholarships:
* Cedo Nulli Scholarship for African Talent
* Cedo Nulli Scholarship for Indonesian Talent
* Cedo Nulli Scholarship for Mexican Talent
* Cedo Nulli Scholarship for Vietnamese Talent
* E-Bridge Scholarship for Chinese Talent
* Grigory Bolotin Scholarships for Russian-speaking candidates
* Randstad Holding Scholarship for Indian Talent

10.000 scholarships

(11) Country and region-specific 10,000 scholarships are also available as follows:
* Cedo Nulli Scholarship for Argentinean Talent
* Cedo Nulli Scholarship for Brazilian Talent
* Cedo Nulli Scholarship for Taiwanese Talent
* Cedo Nulli Scholarship for Thai Talent
* Friends of Nyenrode Scholarship for American Talent
* Friends of Nyenrode Scholarship for Canadian Talent
* Johnson Wax Scholarship for Eastern European Talent
* Johnson Wax Scholarship for Russian Talent
* Nyenrode Scholarship for Latin American Talent
* Randstad Holding Scholarship for German Talent
* Randstad Holding Scholarship for Western European Talent

Specialty scholarships

The Minority Talent Scholarship for the Americas is available to nationals of the Americas only. Worth USD $25,000 this scholarship has been made available through the generosity of Nyenrode MBA alumni.

Two In-company Scholarships are available, and each are each worth 10,000.

* The DTZ Zadelhoff Scholarship
* The Philips North America Scholarship

Besides the Nyenrode scholarships, there is a great number of external scholarships which can help you in financing your studies in the Netherlands.

Ms. Bianca Hummel, Scholarship Officer
Telephone +31 346 291 720

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