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Sunday, October 28, 2007

[Korea] ACE Scholarships

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development in Korea made an effort to specialize a program of Development and Cooperation. All students of this program will be given scholarship for the entire course of their studies.

Academic Program
• Degree to be awarded: Master in Technology and Development
• Place : Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Development Ewha Womans University
• Duration of program: one and a half years (three semesters)
• Instruction language: English
• Field of Specialization: (student should choose one track)
- IT
- Design
- Health and Environment

- Female
- From Developing Country
- Non Korea citizens
- Have Bachelor's degree

Schedule for Application
• Submission of application: Nov,30,2007 at 5 pm (Seoul Time)
• Interview: Dec, 6 – 12, 2007
• Final acceptance notification: Dec, 26, 2007 to be announced at

Selection Process:
- document screening
- interview

Required Documents
• No. 1 up to 4 are downloadable from the above website.

1.Completed Ewha IPTD Application Form
2.Personal Statement and Study Plan
3.Two letters of recommendation
-The letter of recommendation should be kept confidential. The letter should be directly mailed to the office of IPTD by the recommender or by the applicant herself. The envelope must be sealed and signed by the recommender. At least one recommendation letter
should be completed by a university professor.
4.Completed the ACE scholarship application form
5.College diploma(s) or proof of prospective graduation
6.Two copies of official transcripts from all institutions attended.
- All courses taken, grade point average (GPA), and GPA scale (4.3 or 4.5) should be listed.
- Transfer student must submit official transcripts from all institutions they have attended.
7.Documentary evidence demonstrating the applicant's English proficiency (if applicable).
- Scores of an officially recognized English Language Test (TOEFL, TOEIC, etc).
- The most recent scores are preferred, and must be less than two years from the application deadline.
- Exemption:
i) International students whose native language is English or who have received a BA or higher degree from an accredited English-speaking institution
ii) Student graduated from a university/department whose
courses are taught in English.
- If student is admitted into program without English-proficiency test results, test results must be submitted by the end of her study in the IPTD
8.Additional requirement for Design Track applicants
- Portfolio assessment: In addition to the necessary documents for application, a portfolio comprised of not more than 10 pieces of your work of any style within the past 5 years is required.

Application Fee: Evaluation fee = 75,000 KRW
Those who wish to be exempt from the application fee requirement, please contact the Office of IPTD (
The application fee exemption form should be submitted via email.
Decisions on exemption will be made upon review of the submitted form.

Important Notes
1) All application documents must be originals or properly certified copies of the originals. All documents in a language other than Korean or English must be accompanied by a notarized Korean or English translation.
2) In addition to the documents specified in this guide, other additional documents may be required when necessary, in order to confirm the applicant's eligibility and information submitted.
3) All submitted documents and records shall not be returned to the applicant.
4) Details of the evaluation process and scores shall not be disclosed.

Scope of the Scholarship
- The ACE Scholarship covers the recipient's tuition, on-campus dormitory fees.
- The IPTD Steering Committee may reduce or revoke the scholarship award upon review, if the recipient fail to fulfill eligibility requirements for reasons such as inability to continue attendance at the university or conducts unbecoming a student of the university.

Duration of the Scholarship: Maximum one and half year.

Contact Information
The Office of IPTD (Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Development)
1102, International Education Building, Ewha Womans University,
11-1 Daehyun-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 120-750, Korea
Tel: +82-2-3277-5914 or +82-2-3277-5915
Fax: +82-2-3277-3627
Office hours: 09.00 – 17.00 Mondays to Fridays (12.00 -13.00 Lunch)

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[Italy] 13 PhD Scholarships at University of Milan


The University of Milan announces a competition by selection on the
basis of academic qualifications for the admission of non EU citizens
to the Research Doctorate/Ph.D. degree courses.

Deadline: 8 November 2007



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Sunday, October 21, 2007

[Italy] PhD Scholarships at University of Padova

Research doctorates (Ph.D.)

The aim of a research doctorate is to improve knowledge within a
specific field. Only graduates who have completed a higher degree
course may apply. Research doctorates are designed for graduates
wishing to learn the skills required for high-level research at a
university or in any professional field.

Announcement of competition for admission to Doctoral Schools and
Doctoral courses a.y. 2007/08 - 23rd series
Deadline: 5 November 2007

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[Singapore ] Partial scholarships

Cavalry School of Management and Design in SIngapore is offering up to 80% scholarships to underprivileged youths from your country to study the following courses in SIngapore:

1) Diploma in Business
2) Diploma in Hospitality Management and Tourism
3) Diploma in Graphics Design, Interior Design & Fashion Design

Successful applicants will be awarded up to 80% scholarships of course fees.

Professor Victor Yu
Cavalry School of Management and Design
Tel:65-6224 6838

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[Australia] - Peace Scholarship tahun 2006

Undergraduate Students: Apply for a scholarship to study in Australia

Applications close on November 9th 2008

Here is your opportunity to experience the Australian education system and culture for one semester as part of your undergraduate degree. A number of Universities in Australia in association with the Peace Scholarship Program and the partners listed below are offering the opportunity for at least three students in INDONESIA to study in Australia for one semester commencing February 2008 – either study abroad (general university subjects) or English courses.

The Peace Scholarship Program is committed to providing opportunities for eligible students in selected countries worldwide to study abroad in Australia. The Program believes that providing this opportunity will facilitate the interaction of diverse cultures through international education opportunities, improve crosscultural understanding and lead to enduring global peace.


There are at least three Peace Scholarships available for eligible students in Indonesia worth up to AU$20,000 and covering:
* Tuition fees for study abroad or English course at a participating Australian university for one semester
* Travel scholarships to cover travel expenses to Australia and return
* Funds to cover living costs, accommodation and other costs while in Australia
* Two day orientation welcome program
* Other services and products offered by supporters of the Peace Scholarship Program
* Lifetime networking opportunities with Peace Scholarship recipients worldwide


Full details of the eligibility criteria for the Peace Scholarship are available on the website at For example, candidates must:
* have completed at least three semesters and no more than six semesters of their first full-time undergraduate degree of an accredited course in Indonesia
* have achieved at least a 65-70% average mark in their degree to date
* have a level of English language proficiency that satisfies the host institution requirements
* be able to demonstrate a commitment to ‘global peace and understanding’ through community, academic or professional achievements
* be able to indicate how the experience will further their professional development and help contribute to global peace and understanding
* be able to demonstrate a financial need and that without this scholarship they would not have the chance to study overseas

More Information

For more information on the scholarship offered, eligibility criteria and how to apply please logon to Alternatively email the Peace Scholarship at

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Monday, October 15, 2007

[Australia] Association of Rhodes Scholars in Australia Scholarship 2008

1. Background

The Association of Rhodes Scholars in Australia (ARSA) has established a Scholarship Fund for the purpose of bringing an overseas Commonwealth student to Australia to consult with leading scholars in their research area and undertake research in Australia relevant to their thesis project.

The Fund comprises donations from many members of ARSA who are among more than 500 Australians awarded a Rhodes Scholarship since 1904 (see

The Scholarship is administered by the University of Melbourne on behalf of ARSA.

Applications for the Association of Rhodes Scholars in Australia Scholarship are invited from students enrolled in a research higher degree program at an eligible overseas Commonwealth university.

The Scholarship will enable the successful applicant to spend a period of between six and twelve months as a visiting postgraduate scholar at an Australian university to undertake research towards the fulfilment of the requirements of the research higher degree for which he or she is currently enrolled.

Although the Scholarship holder will be based at one Australian university, he or she will be encouraged to visit other Australian universities to meet with academic staff and postgraduate students who share their interests.
The Association is very grateful to the Australian universities who generously agree to host the scholars, and especially to the academic staff who co-supervise them during their time in Australia.

2. Eligibility

The award is open to women and men currently enrolled in a research higher degree program in a Commonwealth university outside Australia and approved by the Committee administering the Scholarship.

Awards are not normally made to students who at the time of their visit to Australia will be in the first ten (10) months or final six (6) months of candidature.

Applicants must be Commonwealth citizens and may not be graduates of an Australian or New Zealand university. Current and former Rhodes Scholars are not eligible to apply.

The Scholarship will be awarded for a visit to take place in the year 2008.

The Scholarship is not available to support students who wish to enrol for a degree in an Australian university. Holders of the Scholarship remain enrolled in a research higher degree program at an overseas Commonwealth university.

3. Frequency

The Scholarship will now normally be offered every second year.

4. Selection Criteria

The successful applicant will clearly demonstrate in their application

* an outstanding record of achievement and qualities of leadership in academic and other areas (eg in cultural, sporting or community organisations and through voluntary service); and
* the benefits of the visit to Australia to
- their research program,
- to scholarship in their research area at their home university, and
- their nation.

The Selection Committee will give careful consideration to the referees’ reports and to letters of support from both the proposed ‘host’ thesis supervisor in Australia and the Head of Department of the Australian university willing to host the visit.

The Selection Committee may also have regard to an applicant’s financial circumstances.

5. Stipend

The Scholarship will provide a grant-in-aid to a maximum of A$20,000, inclusive of the contribution to the Scholarship holder’s travelling expenses to and from Australia.
The successful Scholarship holder will normally be in receipt of a stipend from their home university for pursuit of their studies.

6. Applications

Persons who satisfy the eligibility criteria should note that the applications will open on 1 July 2007 and close on Friday 12 October 2007.

Applications with supporting material and referees’ reports must be received by Friday 12 October 2007 .

Applications should be in English, and should not be handwritten.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
Persons intending to apply must complete the:
* Application Form (MS Word format, 46 Kb), and the
* Referees’ Report Guidelines (MS Word format, 32 Kb)

7. Downloadable Poster

A downloadable poster for departmental display is available here (MS Word format, 27 Kb)

8. Contact

Questions about the Scholarship may be addressed to:The Assistant Secretary
Association of Rhodes Scholars in Australia Travel Scholarship Committee
c/- Melbourne Research Office
Level 5, 161 Barry Street
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010
AustraliaFax: +61 3 9347 6739
Telephone: +61 3 8344 2058


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[India] 20 MBA/ PGP Scholarships, Option to Study in INDIA, US, UK, Spain

Aegis, a small live consulting based business school, is the most international school in Mumbai, India in term of student and faculty diversity. Aegis has over 70 % overseas candidates, which is the highest among Indian B. Schools. The diversity at Aegis prepares participants for a global work place. It offers one-year full time PGP/ MBA program in association with Schiller International University to highly motivated individuals with real life experience.

Aegis-Schiller association offers you an option to study 6 / 8 months in Mumbai and one semester of 6/4 months at any one of Schiller's eight campuses, based in Florida (USA), London (UK), Heidelberg (GERMANY), Paris and Strasbourg (FRANCE), Madrid (SPAIN), Leysin and Engelberg (SWITZERLAND), leading to an MBA or MIM or MBA International Business, MS in computer Engineering, MBA IT from Schiller International University. Candidates studying at Aegis will be offered two months live internship with leading firms in Mumbai, India.

Scholarships & Financial Aid:

Aegis offers 20 Scholarships for One Year MBA/PGP to be offered to high caliber individuals from home as well as overseas. To be eligible for Scholarship you need to have 2 years of min real life experience and bachelor's degree and final admission offer letter from Aegis-Schiller. These Scholarships only covers part or full tuition fee of the entire one-year program.

Work Assistance:

Aegis helps candidates in arranging paid work or consulting assignments to cover up the cost of education.


To be eligible for Scholarship the candidate needs final admission offer letter from Aegis.

Important Dates:

· The Winter session will commence from 15 Jan 2008
· Second Phase Application deadline for Scholarship / Financial aid for Winter Session is 15 Nov 2007

Next Step:

· Admission application and scholarship application form is common
· Send a copy of your updated Resume for pre application screening at
· Complete the application form downloadable / online application form at
· Once you submit application form your candidature will be automatically processed for admission and scholarships.
· Copy of any one of the Test Scores viz. GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, CAT, G4ATR, admission letters from Top Universities (Not Mandatory)
· Two passport sized photographs
· Application Processing fee INR 2000/- (US$ 50)

You may further contact Aegis for more information and application processing at:

Sarika Gupta
School of Business
School of Telecommunication
Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid Processing
Mahesh, Plot No.37, Sector 15, CBD, Belapur
Navi Mumbai 400614
Phone: +91 (022) 32988871 / 67122726
Mobile: +91 (0) 93225 25977/ : +91 (0) 9820870483

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[French] Eiffel scholarships

The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs launched the Eiffel excellence scholarship programme in January 1999 to support French centres of higher education in their international outreach initiatives, in a context of mounting competition among developed countries to attract elite students from overseas. In 2005, the scheme was extended with the Eiffel Doctorate programme, addressing high-calibre PhD students.

For greater clarity, the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is now introducing a single application procedure for its Eiffel Scholarship and Eiffel Doctorate Scholarship programmes.

The new Eiffel programme thus covers two types of course:

* Master’s postgraduate degree course
* Ten-month co-tutored or co-managed component (preferably second or third year) of PhD course

The objectives of the Eiffel excellence programme run by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs remain unchanged, the first being to offer French higher-education opportunities for future public- and private-sector decision-makers in three priority areas: science; economics & management; and law & political science.

Égide - Programme Eiffel
28 rue de la Grange-aux-Belles
75010 Paris
Tél. : + 33 1 40 40 59 30
Télécopie : + 33 1 40 40 59 24
Mél. :

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[Japan] Graduate Study Program for Foreign Students

The Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, offers graduate study program with governmental scholarship for foreign student. The field of study in the Department is environmental engineering or urban and regional planning. The education and the research supervision are conducted either in English or Japanese. You can download information on matriculation of 2008 program. (Adobe PDF format)

For the matriculation of 2008 program which starts in October 2008, the deadline for the application is Oct.31, 2007.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

[Switzerland] PhD Scholarships in Biomedical Data Mining, Univ of Geneva

PhD Scholarships in Biomedical Data Mining

The University of Geneva Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Computer Science Department) invites applications for two PhD scholarships in the field of machine learning and data mining. The successful candidates will participate in EU-funded projects and investigate advanced knowledge discovery issues related to biomedical applications for their thesis.

Candidates should have an M.Sc. and outstanding skills in at least two of the following areas: machine learning/data mining, mathematics/statistics, bioinformatics, medical informatics, knowledge management. For one of the positions, experience and/or training in biostatistics will be an additional asset. A strong academic record, excellent analytical skills and a clear aptitude for autonomous, creative research will be priority selection criteria. Good programming skills and fluency in English and/or French are required.

The expected start date for both studentships is 1st January 2008. Initial gross salary will be around 4087 CHF (~ 2500 EUR) per month.

Applicants should send their curriculum vitae and academic transcript, a statement of motivation and research interests, and names and addresses (with e-mail and telephone number) of at least 3 references to the address below by regular or (preferably) by electronic mail. Applications will be accepted until both positions are filled.


Melanie Hilario
CUI - University of Geneva
Battelle A, 7 route de Drize
CH-1227 Carouge, Switzerland

Tel: +41 22/379 0222
Fax: +41 22/379 0250

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[USA] Scholarships for Educators at Savannah College of Art and Design

The Savannah College of Art and Design has a special scholarship opportunity for educators. Educators who are employed full-time at the time of application and who teach at the kindergarten through college level at a public or private institution recognized by the applicant's state department of education may be eligible to receive a scholarship/fellowship for half the amount of SCAD's tuition.

To be eligible, an educator must apply and be accepted to SCAD and provide proof of employment and good standing from his or her school administrator or human resources department. The scholarship/fellowship is renewable, provided that the recipient remains a full-time, degree-seeking student in the chosen program and maintains a 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale. SCAD e-Learning students who cannot enroll full-time due to course limitations, may have the fellowship prorated for the highest number of classes in which the student is enrolled. Recipients are expected to assume a positive student leadership role by excelling in classes, by contributing to a sense of community and unity within the college, and by interacting with other students and employees of the college in a courteous, cooperative manner. The award amounts are disbursed equally to each quarter's expenses.

Students also may be eligible for scholarships from alternative sources and funding from a variety of lending institutions. United States citizens and resident aliens may be eligible for applicable federal and state aid. Questions regarding scholarships and other financial assistance may be directed to the admission office at 912.525.5100 or 800.869.7223 or

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[England] The Gates Cambridge Scholarships 2008

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships for October 2008 entry

University of Cambridge - The Gates Cambridge Trust cannot admit students to the University or to any of its Colleges. Applicants for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship must apply to the University of Cambridge in the normal way.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are competed for internationally. There is some variation in procedure between countries, and the competition may run along different timetables to meet the academic schedules of different parts of the world.

The Gates Cambridge Trust takes advice from the academic committees in Cambridge responsible for determining admission to the University about the respective merits of the applicants. On the basis of that advice, applicants shortlisted for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship will be invited to an interview.

Candidates who are not successful in winning a Gates Cambridge Scholarship will automatically be considered for awards offered by the other Cambridge Trusts.

How to Apply - updated for October 2008 entry

Please click on the link below that applies to the course of study or research for which you intend to apply for funding (this may take you to an external site):

Graduate Study (e.g. PhD, MPhil, Diploma, LLM etc.)

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

[German] DAAD Scholarships


Studying or researching at a German higher education institution needs to be properly financed. Public universities in Germany often do not charge tuition fees. If they charge such fees, however, these will be considerably lower than in other western countries. Thus, the main costs a foreign student or researcher in Germany has to face usually are for traveling, books and other materials relevant to his work, accomodation and the general living expenses. A scholarship or grant may be the answer for those who don’t have the necessary financial resources.

Various German organisations provide scholarships for foreign students and academics studying or doing research in Germany, e.g. the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation or the DAAD. For information about these organisations and their programs see

The DAAD offers a large number of scholarships to Indonesians. Most of its scholarship programs are addressed to university teachers (from public or private universities), to researchers from public institutions and to professionals working in the public or in the private sector. For freshly graduated BA-holders without working experience, the DAAD - in cooperation with Siemens - offers the DAAD-Siemens 21st Century Scholarship Program. For undergraduates from the field of German studies, the DAAD offers summer courses at German universities and study scholarships for one semester. For undergraduates from a wide range of other subjects, the DAAD - in cooperation with the German industry in Indonesia - offers the GIS (German Industry Scholarship) program (for more information on GIS click here .)

For detailed information about the DAAD-scholarship programs for Indonesia, click here. The team of the DAAD Jakarta office will be happy to answer any of your questions (for address and consulting hours click here).

The DAAD headquater provides a searchable scholarship database which includes not only DAAD programs, but also scholarships granted by other German organisations ( see

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Bea Siswa SD Indonesia

BeaSiswa Pelajar Indonesia (
Scholarship For Elementary Students in Indonesia

Pandan College akan memberikan Bea Siswa sedikitnya satu juta rupiah sebulan untuk satu orang, selama satu tahun bagi pelajar Indonesia tingkat Sekolah Dasar (SD).

Pendaftaran program ini dimulai 15 Oktober 2007 dan pemberian beasiswa akan dimulai Januari 2008 kepada siswa yang pantas dan layak menerima bea siswa tersebut.

Pendaftaran dapat dilakukan melalui:

Pandan College
Jl. Cok Agung Tresna No.15 Blok 7, Renon, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80235
Tel.0361-255-225 Fax.0361-724-377, 0361-8-4242-61

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