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Sunday, October 21, 2007

[Australia] - Peace Scholarship tahun 2006

Undergraduate Students: Apply for a scholarship to study in Australia

Applications close on November 9th 2008

Here is your opportunity to experience the Australian education system and culture for one semester as part of your undergraduate degree. A number of Universities in Australia in association with the Peace Scholarship Program and the partners listed below are offering the opportunity for at least three students in INDONESIA to study in Australia for one semester commencing February 2008 – either study abroad (general university subjects) or English courses.

The Peace Scholarship Program is committed to providing opportunities for eligible students in selected countries worldwide to study abroad in Australia. The Program believes that providing this opportunity will facilitate the interaction of diverse cultures through international education opportunities, improve crosscultural understanding and lead to enduring global peace.


There are at least three Peace Scholarships available for eligible students in Indonesia worth up to AU$20,000 and covering:
* Tuition fees for study abroad or English course at a participating Australian university for one semester
* Travel scholarships to cover travel expenses to Australia and return
* Funds to cover living costs, accommodation and other costs while in Australia
* Two day orientation welcome program
* Other services and products offered by supporters of the Peace Scholarship Program
* Lifetime networking opportunities with Peace Scholarship recipients worldwide


Full details of the eligibility criteria for the Peace Scholarship are available on the website at For example, candidates must:
* have completed at least three semesters and no more than six semesters of their first full-time undergraduate degree of an accredited course in Indonesia
* have achieved at least a 65-70% average mark in their degree to date
* have a level of English language proficiency that satisfies the host institution requirements
* be able to demonstrate a commitment to ‘global peace and understanding’ through community, academic or professional achievements
* be able to indicate how the experience will further their professional development and help contribute to global peace and understanding
* be able to demonstrate a financial need and that without this scholarship they would not have the chance to study overseas

More Information

For more information on the scholarship offered, eligibility criteria and how to apply please logon to Alternatively email the Peace Scholarship at

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