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Monday, October 15, 2007

[Australia] Association of Rhodes Scholars in Australia Scholarship 2008

1. Background

The Association of Rhodes Scholars in Australia (ARSA) has established a Scholarship Fund for the purpose of bringing an overseas Commonwealth student to Australia to consult with leading scholars in their research area and undertake research in Australia relevant to their thesis project.

The Fund comprises donations from many members of ARSA who are among more than 500 Australians awarded a Rhodes Scholarship since 1904 (see

The Scholarship is administered by the University of Melbourne on behalf of ARSA.

Applications for the Association of Rhodes Scholars in Australia Scholarship are invited from students enrolled in a research higher degree program at an eligible overseas Commonwealth university.

The Scholarship will enable the successful applicant to spend a period of between six and twelve months as a visiting postgraduate scholar at an Australian university to undertake research towards the fulfilment of the requirements of the research higher degree for which he or she is currently enrolled.

Although the Scholarship holder will be based at one Australian university, he or she will be encouraged to visit other Australian universities to meet with academic staff and postgraduate students who share their interests.
The Association is very grateful to the Australian universities who generously agree to host the scholars, and especially to the academic staff who co-supervise them during their time in Australia.

2. Eligibility

The award is open to women and men currently enrolled in a research higher degree program in a Commonwealth university outside Australia and approved by the Committee administering the Scholarship.

Awards are not normally made to students who at the time of their visit to Australia will be in the first ten (10) months or final six (6) months of candidature.

Applicants must be Commonwealth citizens and may not be graduates of an Australian or New Zealand university. Current and former Rhodes Scholars are not eligible to apply.

The Scholarship will be awarded for a visit to take place in the year 2008.

The Scholarship is not available to support students who wish to enrol for a degree in an Australian university. Holders of the Scholarship remain enrolled in a research higher degree program at an overseas Commonwealth university.

3. Frequency

The Scholarship will now normally be offered every second year.

4. Selection Criteria

The successful applicant will clearly demonstrate in their application

* an outstanding record of achievement and qualities of leadership in academic and other areas (eg in cultural, sporting or community organisations and through voluntary service); and
* the benefits of the visit to Australia to
- their research program,
- to scholarship in their research area at their home university, and
- their nation.

The Selection Committee will give careful consideration to the referees’ reports and to letters of support from both the proposed ‘host’ thesis supervisor in Australia and the Head of Department of the Australian university willing to host the visit.

The Selection Committee may also have regard to an applicant’s financial circumstances.

5. Stipend

The Scholarship will provide a grant-in-aid to a maximum of A$20,000, inclusive of the contribution to the Scholarship holder’s travelling expenses to and from Australia.
The successful Scholarship holder will normally be in receipt of a stipend from their home university for pursuit of their studies.

6. Applications

Persons who satisfy the eligibility criteria should note that the applications will open on 1 July 2007 and close on Friday 12 October 2007.

Applications with supporting material and referees’ reports must be received by Friday 12 October 2007 .

Applications should be in English, and should not be handwritten.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
Persons intending to apply must complete the:
* Application Form (MS Word format, 46 Kb), and the
* Referees’ Report Guidelines (MS Word format, 32 Kb)

7. Downloadable Poster

A downloadable poster for departmental display is available here (MS Word format, 27 Kb)

8. Contact

Questions about the Scholarship may be addressed to:The Assistant Secretary
Association of Rhodes Scholars in Australia Travel Scholarship Committee
c/- Melbourne Research Office
Level 5, 161 Barry Street
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010
AustraliaFax: +61 3 9347 6739
Telephone: +61 3 8344 2058


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