International Scholarships

Thursday, July 19, 2007

MM Universitas Gajah Mada, Indonesia


1. Cum Laude undergraduate or have a good academic achievement
2. Year of graduation: 2001 up to now (as stated in undergraduate diploma)
3. Applicants are not being awarded any scholarships from other programs/institutions at present time
4. Applicants have not received any graduate or postgraduate diplomas from program/institutions
5. Financially incapable by attaching:
* Statement letter that applicant is financially incapable, issued by the head of neighborhood association (RT/RW) and acknowledged by the nearest authority (Lurah)
* Statement letter of salary issued by parent's employer. Applicant whose parents run a private enterprise or alike must attach a statement letter of income issued by the head of neighborhood association (RT/RW) and acknowledged by the nearest authority (Lurah)
6. Paying administration fee at amount of IDR 500,000, paid or transferred to MMUGM account in Bank BNI UGM Cabang UGM Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta; no. 0039227019 (copy of note of transferred fund must be attached to application forms or sent by facsimile as confirmation)
7. Filling up application form with attachments:
* Copy of legalized undergraduate diploma and academic transcript, 3 (three) copies at each. Applicant who has passed the graduation exam but has not received her/his diploma are allowed to attach statement letter of graduation and academic transcript,
* Recent photograph (3x4, 4 sheet),
* Copy of valid Residency Card (KTP)
* Copy of Domestic Card (Kartu Keluarga),
* Copy of any certificates of accomplishment received,
* Reference letter from lecturer/academic advisor/thesis advisor (for fresh graduates), or from supervisor (for working applicants). Reference letter forms are available at MMUGM.
8. Attend and pass written test conducted in MMUGM Yogyakarta campus. Applicants who already posses the Test of Potential Academic Score from Board of National Development Planning (Bappenas) with minimum score 550, and/or International/Institutional TOEFL Score at least of 525 (paper-based) or 197 (computer-based), or IELTS Score from British Council with minimum score 6.0, are advised to attach those scores to application forms. Validation period for those scores is not more than 2 years from the time those tests were conducted.
9. Attend and pass interview test.


1. Scholarships will be granted to cover tuition fee for Regular Class in MMUGM Yogyakarta campus. Administration fee, books expenses, thesis expenses, cost of living and other expenses are excluded.
2. Scholarships are granted to 3 (three) applicants in every trimester
3. Final result is decided fully by MMUGM Board of Directors and will be announced after interview test process is complete.


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