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Thursday, July 19, 2007

[Japan] Yoshida Scholarship Foundation

This scholarship program is offered to the following students, who are still in home country before departure to Japan:

1) Countries
Mongolia, China, Korea, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan or one of ASEAN countries.

2) Fields
Natural Science or Engineering except medical, dental and veterinary.

3) Level of study and period of scholarship grant
Master's degree-2 years, under 30 years of age on April 1 of application year.
Doctor's degree-3 years, under 35 years of age on April 1 of application year.
Non degree students are not eligible.

4) University in Japan
Applicants are required to be admitted by one of the following universities and receive recommendation from the university to our foundation.
- The University of Tokyo
- Tokyo Institute of Technology
- Keio University
- Waseda University
- Kyoto University
- Doshisha University
- Kwansei Gakuin University

5) Scholarship grant
(1) Stipend: 150,000 yen per month
(2) Matriculation fee, tuition fee: max.2,500,000 yen.
(3) Housing allowance: at large city, max. 40,000 yen per month. other city, max. 20,000 yen per month.
(4)Family allowance: if spouse lives together in Japan and he/she has no source of income: 20,000 yen per month.
(5)Travel expense: A round-trip air ticket, economy class.

6) Application
All application shall require recommendation from the university mentioned above and shall be accepted through the university in Japan. Applicants are required to start preparation at least one year prior to his/her departure from home country to Japan.

7) Number of scholarship winners
7 students per year. (7 universities mentioned above shall recommend 1 student each every

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1 comment:

nie said...

mo nanya nih, cara nya daftar ke universitas2 yg disebutkan gimana y?
pengennya ke TiTech?

tadi googling buka web nya Tokyo University, di ToDai, ko udah telat y? beasiswa ini di buka pada periode Maret-April 2007 lalu.

Terimakasih atas perhatiannya..