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Sunday, November 4, 2007

HSP Huygens Programme Scholarship 2007-2008


The HSP Huygens programme is open to students from all countries of the world. It is aimed at talented students who want to come to the Netherlands in the final phase of their bachelor’s studies or during their master’s studies. Study can include research and/or practical training.

* Centre for Aboriginal Studies
* Curtin Business School
* Curtin Sarawak
* Division of Health Sciences
* Division of Humanities
* Division of Science and Engineering

Area of Interest:
* Accounting, Mathematical and Financial Analysis
* Agri-science
* Animal-Plant Interaction
* Australian Indigenous Studies
* Biomedical Sciences
* Built & Natural Environment
* Business Law and Corporate Administration
* Chemical Engineering
* Computing / Electronic
* Design for Garment Innovation
* Economics
* Education and Training
* Engineering
* Environmental Science
* Garment Design and Innovation
* Geographic Information Science
* Habitat Restoration
* Health and Life Sciences
* Industrial Organisation
* Management
* Marketing
* Mathematics
* Media / Communication
* Mining
* People, Society, Language & Culture
* Physical Sciences
* Resources
* Social Work & Social Policy
* Speech Pathology
* Sport and Lifestyle
* Textile & Design
* Visual Arts / Design

Applicable to:
* Study Abroad
* Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander Students
* Students with a Disability
* Students from Rural or Regional Areas
* Mature Students
* Sole Parent
* Current Students
* Prospective Students

Nationality: All Nationalities

Scholarship Type: Merit Based

Type: Research

Opening Date: 27 June, 2007

Closing Date: 1 February, 2008

Maximum number awarded: 1

Scholarships are awarded for a period of no less than six months and no more than 24 months.

They include the following components:
* a monthly allowance of €900 euros (this includes a standard contribution towards healthcare insurance);
* a generous reimbursement of tuition fees or a contribution towards the costs of the PhD thesis, as estimated in the research proposal;
* visa fees (standard contribution);
* a one-off payment towards international travel costs (standard contribution based on country of origin).

Tenable at: Netherlands

Applicants must:

* at the start of the academic year (1 September) in which study is commenced in the Netherlands, be no older than 35 years of age; and
* have been admitted to the Dutch programme on the basis of prior education outside the Netherlands; and
* the Dutch programme should be on the CROHO list; and
* have obtained excellent results in previous studies and be in the top 10% of students in the programme; and
* studies in the Netherlands must constitute a deepening and broadening of previous studies in the applicant's home country; and
* be proficient in the language of instruction of the chosen programme; and
* if the applicant wants to do research or practical training, it must form part of thier studies (a programme on the CROHO list), i.e. must earn study credits for it; and
* applicant's study in the Netherlands should be in the final phase of their bachelor’s studies, or during master’s studies, and must be used primarily to earn a degree at the Dutch institution; and
* if already a graduate, applicant must have graduated less than two years ago.

Further Information:
For further information, visit: or e-mail:


Please forward application forms to:
Kortenaerkade 11
2518 AX THE HAGUE or
PO Box 29777
The Netherlands
Tel. + 31 (0) 70 4260 260

Please do not include original documents with your application, however, make single-sided copies of relevant documents on plain A4-sized paper. All documents must be in either English or Dutch. Documents in any other language must be accompanied by an official translation.

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