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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Scholarships MSc & PhD in Hydroinformatic


Hydroinformatics uses simulation modeling and information and communication technology to help in solving problems of hydraulics, hydrology and environmental engineering for better management of water-based systems. It provides the computer-based decision-support systems that now enter increasingly into the offices of engineers, water authorities and government agencies. The Hydroinformatics course aims at enriching traditional engineering practice by introducing innovative approaches in order to open up for the participants much broader prospective.

The participants will learn subject groups comprising of:

1. Fundamentals, hydraulic and environmental processes
2. Information systems, GIS, communication and internet
3. Physically-based simulation modeling
4. Data-driven modeling and computational intelligence
5. System analysis, decision support and optimization
6. Applications : Coastal and estuarial systems modeling and Urban water system modeling
7. Integration subjects
8. Advanced topics

The programme is not a standard engineering programme. We often characterize it as a programme with difference. The difference arises in the extensive application of modeling, information technology and decision support tools for water management, in a challenging training programme with professors and top experts from leading universities and consultancies of various countries, that opens a range of future career opportunities. The founder of Hydroinformatics (Emeritus Prof. M. Abbot) does lecture at UNESCO-IHE. Participants often mention that "the course opened up new horizon in my professional life".

Most of the Hydroinformatics participants are financed through Netherlands Fellowship Programme. For this year, the programme is run directly to M.Sc undertaken for 1.5 years and the NFP will cover tuition fee and living cost.

The flier for the Hydroinformatics specialisation is at:

We would also encourage people to apply for fellowships from other funding agencies, especially the World Bank - see

If you need further information please contact: Michael Siek (email: m.siek at

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